April 12, 2022

  • God’s Spirit’s presence permeating our Spring Summit gatherings at Fairhaven on March 19 and virtually on March 26. Participants found meaning and challenge in Ben Tapper’s presentation on Decentering Whiteness.
  • IMMC’s Intercultural Working Group continues to take shape. At present, we are blessed to have Zenebe Abebe and Carol Bixler from Shalom, Marisa Smucker from Belmont, and Jes Stoltzfus Buller from Walnut Hill join this group. Jes will serve as chair. Please continue to pray for God’s Spirit to bring us a few more members and to be present in our work.
  • Frances Ringenberg began as interim pastor at Waterford Mennonite Church on March 1.
  • Michelle Merchant recently accepted the call to serve as pastor of Maple River Mennonite Church in Brutus, MI. Michelle also serves as pastor of New Hope United Methodist Church in Levering, MI.