Leadership Teams

of Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference

Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference (IMMC) is a community of congregations and it is the people from those congregations who keep us running. The leadership teams are comprised of volunteers from within IMMC. We are blessed to have such passionate practitioners investing in the vision, growing leadership, and promoting stewardship.

Gifts Development Team (GDT)

Catalyzes a “culture of call” in conference and member congregations and attends to the identification and calling out of gifts in the conference structure.

Addie Leaman, chair

Daohleie (Ruby) Eh 

Jewel Gingerich Longenecker


Rod Maust

Grant Miller

Janice Wagner

Leadership Enhancement Team (LET)

Attends to development of pastors and lay leaders

  • emphasizes leadership growth by building on the strength of what is already happening in the conference
  • conference staff orient this group and work with them to add other processes according to the conference’s articulated vision

Benjamin Bouwman, chair

Andrea Grotenhuis

Christine Kauffman

Kent Miller

Craig Oury

David Sutter

Ministry Credentialing Team (MCT)

Attends to the well-being of pastor-congregation relationships

  • develops relationships with credentialed leaders
  • receives and reviews reports of ministerial misconduct

Kelly Carson

Ruben Chupp

Suella Gerber, chair

Angy Moore

Phil Waite

Stewardship Team (ST)

Attends to stewardship education with congregations and the management of conference finances.

Patty Graber

James Gerber

Jeff Miller

Angela Swartzendruber

Duane Yoder, treasurer