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Hello Delegates!

 We are looking forward to gathering again in the Spring of 2023. Last year we made the shift from Regional Meetings to having 2 options for Spring Summits. We are going to continue that again this year with one in-person gathering and one virtual gathering. We can choose from one of the two options for gathering based on your availability and format preference. You can either join us in-person at Kern Road Mennonite Church (South Bend, IN) on March 4 or via Zoom on March 18. We invite you to register for whichever one you’d prefer with the assurance that the content will be consistent between the two (without all the pesky troubles caused by trying to be hybrid).

We will be sharing more information as it becomes available in early February.

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of the Spring Summits of 2023. Your presence strengthens connections between your congregation and others in the conference!

2023 Spring Summits Schedule

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The Docket

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Discernment Etiquette

These are some good guidelines to keep in mind as we gather to share in discerning how God is working in and through us.