Youth & Young Adult Delegate

Resources for Individuals and Congregations

As the delegates of Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference prepare to vote on the proposal to add youth & young adult delegates, the Missional Leadership Team wants to make sure that they have all that they need to make an informed decision. The e- vote will take place online between April 27 to May 4, 2024. We encourage individuals to review the information below and confer with your congregations on this. Follow the steps below to learn more!

Step 1

Review the Proposal (click here if reading on your phone). Take some time to read about the vision, plan, and commitment from the MLT cocerning the introduction of Youth & Young Adult Delegates. In order to do so, delegates must amend the current bylaws to allow for additional delegates.

Step 2

You asked and we listened. Take some time to read through the Frequently Asked Questions and find the answers to the questions that you’ve been wondering about. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Clayton in the Conference Office.

Step 3

Prepare yourself for the e-vote by confirming with your congregation that they have sent a list of delegates to the Conference Office. Confer with other congregants, especially youth, and young adults, about this proposal and what it could mean for youth and young adults to be delegates.

Step 4

Watch your email for an e-vote ballot. If the results of the e-vote are announced to include the approval of the proposal, check back here for more content related to equipping youth, young adults, and previously acknowledged delegates for working and discerning together.