Practical Leadership Training at AMBS

This new program is designed to help pastors, lay leaders, community leaders and leaders of nonprofit
organizations increase their capacity to provide effective Anabaptist leadership in a variety of settings.

The modules focus on areas of administration, leadership, contextual engagement and well-being.
Participants can select those that are best suited to their needs and interests. These include:

  • Embracing Your Leadership Identity
  • Liderazago que edifica
  • Leadership Practices for Spiritual Vitality
  • Guide Your Congregation through Polarization
  • Practicing Resilience in Response to Trauma
  • Leading Congregations in Transition
  • Intercultural Inclusion: From Symbolic to Shared Power
  • Peacemaking through Curious Dialogue
  • Practices and Principles for Effective Boards
  • Creating a Healthy Congregational Culture

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