From the Missional Leadership Team

May 11, 2022

The changing of seasons is a reminder that we live in a dynamic world. There is nothing static as we go from one season to another. Spring is a time for new life and new beginnings. Our conference doesn’t follow the seasonal cycles; however, we are in the final cycle of the organizational year. At Annual Conference we will usher in the season for new life and new beginnings. Teams will be saying goodbye to their members whose terms have ended and welcoming new members who have said yes to becoming involved.

New persons bring new ideas and new opportunities to enrich and enlighten our organization. I have learned to embrace change as a way that the Holy Spirit is moving among us. My first 3-year term with the Missional Leadership Team ends in June. I have been blessed to see the Spirit at work in the growth and embracing of IMMC’s vision. The ongoing efforts to become more interculturally competent, as individuals, will have a positive impact on our organizational goal of growing our intercultural witness.

Today’s reading of the Rejoice! daily devotional, Acts 11:1-18, demonstrated how the early church dealt with change. Peter’s association with Gentiles was outside the traditional norms. The Jerusalem church was convinced by Peter’s words, and the Holy Spirit, that the Gentiles were part of God’s community too.

Just as the fledgling community of believers was energized by accepting those who were not previously included, so the Holy Spirit can breath new life into IMMC as we open ourselves to new ways of thinking and being.

By Duane Yoder, MLT Treasurer.