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Credentialing and Leadership Development

September 14, 2016

Doug Kaufman will license and install Katie Johnson Misz as pastor of family life at Waterford Mennonite Church, Goshen, on September 25. Dan Miller will install Bob Brown as pastor at First Mennonite Church, Indianapolis, on October 16

The fall Journey event took place last weekend with input on Christian formation by Gilberto Flores. It was a challenging and hopeful weekend. IN-MI had 12 participants and mentors at the weekend. Journey is a three-year conference based leadership development program.

Congregational Coaches will meet with Lee Schmucker in October to learn more about leading from within through understanding the DiSC profile.

The mid-states conferences (Central District, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana-Michigan) have begun planning a joint training for spring 2017 on responding to accusations of clergy sexual misconduct.