Credentialing and Leadership Development

December 9, 2021

Ministry Credentialing Team recently had credentialing interviews with Lee Pfahler, Mariah Martin, and Rolando Sosa; Lee will receive a license toward ordination for chaplain ministry and Mariah, pastor at Bonneyville Mennonite Church, is preparing for ordination. Rolando will be installed at Piedra Viva on December 19, joining Naun Cerrato on the pastoral team, with Joanne officiating on behalf of IMMC.

In November, Sharon had contact with congregational leaders of 9 congregations who are in various stages of leadership transition. Currently we have 2 active pastoral searches in process.

In the past month Leadership Enhancement Team (LET) has received two applications for the Leadership Training Grant, which provides financial support for ministers seeking leadership training and/or continuing education.

WellSpan provided a webinar on self-care for pastors on November 8. Pastors who were not able to join the webinar may contact Clayton at the office ( to request a link to watch the recording.