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October 14, 2015

Next week Dan, Paula Killough and Shannon Dycus will attend a meeting of the Constituency Leaders Council along with representatives of other conferences and of constituent groups.

Pastors and congregational leaders are invited to a weekend with Gilberto Flores, retired church planter, pastor, academic, and denominational leader as he reflects with us on leading from a healthy soul. Originally from Guatemala, he has returned to his home country following retirement at the end of 2014.

Dan began attending area council meetings across northern Indiana. His goal is to be present at least once per quarter, and hopefully more often. He is however, having trouble connecting with the SwaNee Lake Council due to multiple schedule conflicts! John Powell remains available to Michigan congregations and Mary Mininger to southern region congregations.

Dan presented September 24 to a Road Scholars group of about 20 people at Amigo Centre. The group was learning about Amish and Mennonites, and Dan presented on present-day Mennonites. Most of the group began the week knowing almost nothing about these two groups.

Over a weekend Doug connected with congregations in Paoli, Bloomington and Indianapolis. In Paoli he presented on Anabaptist ministerial leadership, drawing on study done during his 2012 sabbatical.

Several pastor events were also held this last month.

40 people attended the Pastor Sabbath Day on September 21 at Kern Road. The morning was spent in blocks of silence, singing, sharing and prayer. After a magnificent lunch hosted by several hospitality volunteers, Jewel Gingerich Longenecker helped us reflect on how transformative Bible study might become a practice that binds us together.

John Powell met September 24 with 13 pastors and leaders from nine Michigan congregations to be renewed in ministry, share about their congregational contexts, and explore ways to support one another in being an Anabaptist presence in their communities. New Hope Community Church of Midland hosted the group and provided lunch.