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October 14, 2015

This month we celebrate the pastors among us. You are part of this Jesus movement, sharing from your own experiences of God’s challenging grace and walking with others as they respond to their life opportunities. Growing in love for the faith community and for the world God loves, listening for the winds of the Spirit in scripture and in life, living with human limitations. Changing and adapting to the present realities while becoming more deeply attached to Jesus. Thank you for responding to the call and embarking on this journey. We pray for you and desire to walk together as we joyfully follow Jesus. May God strengthen and sustain you this month, and throughout the year.

Vanessa completed the 2015-16 conference directory this month. Each delegate should receive a directory through their church office.

We are grateful for God’s provision of finances for the work of conference in this unknown time. Thank you to congregations who continue to pray for and contribute to our mission of joyfully following Jesus and engaging the world God loves. (see the financial report for more details)

We celebrate the history project manuscript was sent to the publisher, Herald Press. Rich Preheim wrote the history, which is scheduled to be available in the summer of 2016. Mary Swartley shepherded this project along the way since its beginning. Vernard Guengerich did research for the vast appendices covering congregations, pastors, conference moderators and staff. Watch for publicity next year. Thank you!