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April 13, 2016

Staff are happy to reconnect with Doug as he returns from Sabbatical this week. He and Sharon will overlap some as she wraps up and hands projects over to Doug.

37 of 61 congregations, a total of 124 people, attended delegate meetings in Grand Rapids and Kokomo in March. These gatherings are opportunities to connect with people from across conference. Both meetings filled the room with energy as delegates considered elements of a vision for IN-MI Conference. Since the gatherings, several delegates indicated they shared the documents with their home congregations. This is great as we hope each congregation can affirm the vision and consider how it will participate.

Staff sent a mailing to Missional Seeds members, and a number renewed their contribution. Thank you!

In April Dan will meet with Lois Kaufmann, Michael Danner and George O’Reilly for the semi-annual mid-states conference ministers retreat day. This is a day of retreat and of sharing about our common work.

April 21-25, John Powell, Tim Lichti and Dan Miller will take a networking trip to the greater Detroit area to connect with leaders of the two IN-MI Conference congregations there, with two church planters, with the large Mennonite Disaster Service project in Detroit, and with old and new Anabaptists in the area. There are no specific new initiatives expected to come immediately from this trip; but with John and Tim along, imagining possibilities will definitely be part of the experience!