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January 9, 2018

Missional Leadership Team sent a survey to all delegates on January 2 regarding the evaluative review with Amigo Centre and Bethany Christian Schools. Please submit responses by January 10.

Dan will travel south later this week, connecting with several pastors. Next week, he will travel north and connect with leaders at the Northern Michigan Pastor/Spouse Retreat.

As the office prepares to relocate, there are a number of pieces of furniture that will become available: desks, shelves, chairs, filing cabinets and a corner table. If you are potentially interested, please contact the office.

Doug Kaufman completed his time as conference pastor for leadership transition at the end of 2017. He continues as co-pastor at Benton Mennonite Church. As counseled in the Shared Understanding of Ministerial Leadership Doug will be taking a break from conference events for 12 months as we all adjust our expectations. Continue to pray for Doug, office staff, and congregational leaders as everyone adjusts to the changes and reduced capacities.