February 10, 2021

  • the Annual Sessions 2021 theme of Becoming One, with a theme text from Ephesians 4. Planning team are Wanda Bradford (Community Christian), Jeremiah Chuiha (Emmanuel Living Christian), Muthoni [Gladys] Maina (Morningstar), Shawn Lange (New Foundation), Izaete Nafziger (North Goshen). Anna Board and Dan Miller meet with them.
  • that Frances Ringenberg is available to serve as sabbatical pastor at East Goshen Mennonite Church during February, March, and April, while Naomi Yoder takes time for spiritual renewal and rest from regular ministry routines.  
  • the work of Ministry Credentialing Team (MCT). MCT works with Leadership Enhancement Team to nurture a culture of growth and accountability. Specifically, MCT attends to pastoral and congregational transitions by accompanying candidates through the credentialing process and beginning years of ministry, by promoting training in healthy boundaries, and by responding to complaints of pastoral misconduct. MCT guides the process for those wishing to become member congregations of IMMC.