A Word from the Missional Leadership Team

March 10, 2022

Our IMMC by-laws say that the Missional Leadership Team (MLT) “has a primary responsibility of cultivating healthy relationships.”

Tending to this responsibility, the MLT has felt the Spirit nudging us to prioritize intercultural relationships. As our conference size has shrunk, its intercultural character has become more prominent. Burmese congregations, several African American congregations, and a newly forming Latinx congregation have already enriched and broadened our worship and conversation. Almost all our congregations includes cross-cultural relationships either with people from around the world or people from different religious, ethnic and socio-economic cultures closer to home.

Cultivating these relationships at more than a superficial level takes courage and commitment. A few IMMC congregations have been intentionally cross-cultural for years. They have named the barriers of racism and white privilege (the comfort that allows white folks to ignore differences in a way that benefits them); and can tell stories about mutual benefits that come from healthy intercultural relationships.

We all have more to learn. Before the Spring Summit meetings, I encourage you to visit the Conference website and familiarize yourself with the variety of congregations that are part of our community of congregations. One click on this page will take you to any congregational website you’d like to learn more about. Jesus told us that we will find him as we engage each other – what better motivation could we want?