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A word from MLT…

October 9, 2019

We met as a Missional Leadership Team all day on September 20 at the Conference office. Bob Yoder is moderator, Brenda Meyers, new this year, is moderator elect and will be in leadership next year for a three year term. Randy Detweiler is a third year member. Duane Yoder, Bess Fitzgerald and Naomi Yoder are just beginning three year terms. We met to get to know each other better, care for Conference finances, personnel oversight, read a book together with an eye to improving our leadership skills and look hard at our Conference goals and the best ways to achieve them.

The big news from Dan was an ambitious plan to do one-on-ones with every pastor in our Conference in the next year. That is about 80 visits for care and accountability! We were persuaded that he has made provision for some of his current work to be delegated, making space and that the fruit of such an investment of time and energy will be worth the big effort. Please add your prayers to this ministry!

We spent time focusing on ways to improve communication within the Conference Churches and ways to knit the churches together in line with our vision.

After supper, we welcomed the members of the Conference action teams for meetings to dive deeper into our Renewing a Vision document and think afresh about each team’s part in accomplishing the whole. Rick Stiffney energetically facilitated the discussions, both then and all Saturday morning. I was grateful to get to know the team members and their duties much better. A great thank you is due to all who graciously gave their time, good minds and talents to Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference. Thanks, also to God, who showed up with inspiration from his word and a sense of the Holy Spirit moving throughout our time together. –Bess Fitzgerald, MLT member (Kalamazoo Mennonite Fellowship)