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A word from MLT…

March 10, 2021

God moves in mysterious ways! A phrase that resonates with me at different points in my experience on MLT. In December I wrote about the search process for a Conference Pastor. The delegates in January affirmed a new leadership model of Co-Conference Pastors. The overwhelming affirmation of Sharon Yoder as Co-Conference Pastor leaves the Search Committee to look for another Co-Conference Pastor that would work alongside her.

This new leadership model requires two new job descriptions. There is the current “Conference Pastor Job Narrative” that was developed over several years. Each Co-Conference Pastor needs to have clarity for their respective job requirements. As the Search Committee looks for candidates, they also need to know the areas of strengths that will be needed for candidates to be successful in this position. Defining and clarifying these positions has been a focus in February.

We continue to challenge ourselves in what it means to engage and develop intercultural competency in leadership teams, conference communication and resources to congregations. Nekesia Alayna Alexis provides consultation in our meetings and has recommended forming a working group to pull the many ideas generated into a workable list of ideas and tasks.

The use of Zoom and Google Meet has allowed MLT to meet during this pandemic. Meetings have been conducted on short notice any day or time that works for the team members. While in-person meetings are more personal, the actual working of the MLT has continued with a responsiveness that would be difficult if every meeting were face-to-face. We continue to seek God’s wisdom and guidance as we develop our intercultural competency and apply what we are learning to implement changes throughout the conference.

By Duane Yoder, IMMC Treasurer