Special Offering for Amigo Centre

Hello from Amigo Centre!

My name is Jessica, and I am the new Executive Director at Amigo Centre.  For those of you that I have not yet met, I hope that we will have a chance to meet soon.

As most of you know, 9 months ago Amigo was hit by a devastating storm. The support that we have had from both individuals and congregations has been incredible. We are SO grateful for the volunteers who have given us hundreds of hours of time and energy as we have worked to recover from the storm.  We are also extremely grateful for the continued financial support that so many of you have provided for us! Your generosity has sustained us during these difficult times.

Working together, we have made an awesome amount of progress in cleanup and repairs to our facilities and grounds. However, as we continue to recover and get all of our spaces ready for this summer, we find that there is a need that rises to the top for us: we need a tractor!

Specifically, we need a utility tractor with a grapple hook attachment. After much conversation and advice from our team of technical advisors (who have also graciously brought their own tractors to work at Amigo!) we are looking to purchase an L2501 Kubota. This tractor, including the grapple and other accessories, will cost roughly $28,000. Through the generosity of a few individual and corporate donors, we have already raised $10,000!

I am writing to ask you to invite your congregation to help us raise the last $18,000 by taking up a special offering this week for the purchase of this tractor.  

If you would like further information – such as technical specifications, what the tractor will be used for at Amigo, or our process of deciding on this purchase, feel free to email me or give me a call! I would be glad to talk it through with you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything that Amigo can do to support, offer resources to, or partner with your congregation.

With Gratitude,

Jessica Weseman
Executive Director