Resources for Ministerial Leadership


Each new pastor walks with a mentor for two years. Other pastors may request a mentor through the conference minister.


Ministerial Leadership Information (MLI) Inquiry

Interested in pursing a pastorate in Mennonite Church USA or Mennonite Church Canada? Applying for a ministerial credential?

 You can begin a conversation with conference staff.

 When ready to begin filling out the Ministerial Leadership Information (MLI) form, contact the Leadership Development office of Mennonite Church USA to inquire about opening an MLI.  After reviewing it, they will contact you with a password to access the full MLI application form.

Ministry Credentialing Team Forms
Pastoral Family Assistance Program (PFAP)
The Leadership Enhancement Team of the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference offers a Pastoral Family Assistance Program (PFAP).


Pastoral Salary Guidelines and Software

Calculate compensation according to the Mennonite Church USA Pastoral Salary Guidelines with Pastoral Compensation Software available at no charge to all Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference congregations.

The goal of these guidelines is to help provide a financial guide that is supportive of pastors and their families and also fair to the congregation.

Pastoral Study Project Grants

The Louisville Institute currently offers Pastoral Study Project grants of up to $15,000 to enable working pastors to invest their energy in projects that matter for the whole church. They provide a sustained season to contemplate, to collaborate, to create.

The grants are funded by the Lilly Endowment based at Louisville Seminary. The grant proposal deadline is September 1, 2013. Learn more by visiting: or calling 502-992-5431.

Sabbatical Grants Through Clergy
The Corinthian Plan
The Corinthian Plan is an investment in the health and the health care of our pastors and other church leaders sponsored and managed by the Mennonite Church USA and its area conferences.