Non-Profit Discounts

for Congregations and More

As a conference and as congregations we hold non-profit status that entitles us to a variety of benefits. As you likely know, this includes tax-exempt status, but it also includes discounts and grant-based usage of popular technology websites and software. Below are links to pages that give instructions on applying for your congregation to have non-profit status.


What You Need Before Applying

Depending on the site, you will need one or both of the following:

If your congregation does not have its own non-profit status but uses the conference 

Microsoft Office 365

  • Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive
  • Grants are available that cover the entire subscription cost.
  • Learn more and apply here

Google for Non-Profits

  • Includes email, drive, calendar, and other popular google-based products
  • Free Google Non-profit G-Suite account
  • Learn more and apply here


Mail Chimp

Constant Contact

  • Service for sending emails to large groups.
  • 20-30% Discount for Non-Profits
  • Learn more here, scroll down to FAQ for instructions on applying.