Leadership Training and Development

Congregational Coaches

Congregational Coaches serve as a resource, counselor, and consultant to pastors/congregational leaders and are available to the congregation in times of need. The coach is a connection between the congregation and conference and is asked to serve by the Conference Pastor and the Leadership Enhancement Team. Congregational Coaches meet twice per year for resourcing, to discuss best practices and offer mutual support.

Journey: A Leadership Development Program

This three-year program develops Christ-centered leaders with an Anabaptist Christian perspective through mentoring relationships, a core curriculum, and weekend retreats.

Detailed information can be found at the AMBS Church Leadership Center.

Many Gifts: Calling and Growing Congregational Leaders

This booklet is a practical resource to pastors and other church leaders in calling out and nurturing the gifts of children, youth and adults, to deepen our commitment to forming a people of God, becoming a global church and growing leaders. When people discover their authentic selves and are affirmed for those gifts, they are freed to joyfully serve the church’s mission and their varied God given gifts. This is not a book of instructions. It is a guide with some helpful suggestions and resource lists to help our congregations think about developing leaders and Culture of Call at all stages of life and for all forms of ministry. Visit Mennonite Church Canada’s resource page for more information.

Seminary Student Assistance

The Seminary Student Aid Fund is established primarily to give financial assistance to members of Indiana-Michigan Conference congregations committed to periods of study within the Anabaptist-Mennonite seminaries in preparation for a pastoral and/or church-related assignment.