On the Path of Solidarity in Israel and Palestine

A learning tour for participants 18 years and older

Date: February 16-26, 2024; other dates TBD

In complex conflicts like we see in Israel-Palestine, it is encouraging to find signs of hope. How do people build peace when mistrust and hatred have dominated the headlines for decades?

On this trip, we will visit peace organizations, civil society actors, cooperatives, health care workers, Christian leaders, organizers of women´s groups, Jewish-Palestinian solidarity networks, and reconciliation practitioners. In Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and on three day trips to other areas we will hear and see how people move constructively and resiliently forward, hopeful in a sometimes-hopeless world. We will discover how we can help and how we can show solidarity.

We will be on rough paths and streets in the Middle East and sometimes walk for half an hour to an hour. Overnight stays with Christian partner organizations.

Locations: Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Leadership: David Lapp-Jost, German Mennonite Peace Committee

Cost: 850€, flight not included. Groups with 10+ participants may receive a 100€ per person discount Info and registration: david.stoltzfus.jost@gmail.com.