MEA Seeking Executive Director

March 10, 2021

Mennonite Education Agency is seeking an Executive Director. Would you, or someone you know, be a good candidate for this position?

The MEA Executive Director has a deep commitment to a Christ-centered Anabaptist understanding of faith and life. They:

  • Anticipate needs and opportunities, and listen to the wisdom and experience of others to identify appropriate directions for growth and change.
  • Develop collective vision and actions that enable Mennonite education across all levels to flourish so that churches are strengthened.
  • Lead with vision and flexibility.
  • Understand, support and pursue relationships, collaboration and collective actions across all of Mennonite education.
  • Articulate the value and purpose of Mennonite education.
  • Seize new opportunities and act quickly as they arise.

For more information see the online job description, or call 574-343-1310.