We Are...

Centered on Jesus

As Anabaptist-Mennonite Christians, we place specifical emphasis on the life and teachings of Jesus. Our vision for what it means to minister and live in our world is shaped by how we discern the example set by Jesus, centering our mindset and our actions on the Jesus who cares for the least of these, who has his eyes upon the disenfranchised, and who calls us to surrender ourselves for the common good.

We recognize that we are not called to uniformity but are called to live into our shared commitment to Jesus wherever we find ourselves.

Below are some resources that help to understand what we believe and how that shapes our faith and life.

Who We Are

Our identity in Christ and calling in this world is discerned and articulated here.

Anabaptist Essentials: Jesus at the Center

Our roots go back to the 16th Century but we are committed to living in the 21st in Christ-like ways.

Belief and Following Jesus

As part of Mennonite Church USA, we believe we are called to follow Jesus in a unique way.

Renewing a Vision

Renewing a Vision (RaV) outlines the vision of Indiana-Michigan Conference as we live into our shared spiritual practices.