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From Bethany Christian Schools

November 5, 2021

Bethany Christian Schools Adds Two New Grades

Bethany Christian Schools in Goshen, Indiana, announces the addition of 1st and 2nd grades for fall 2022. These additions continue to move the school closer to it’s goal of offering a complete Bethany education– from kindergarten through high school graduation.

While adding classes for younger children, Bethany will increase its emphasis on outdoor, artistic and hands-on educational experiences. Screen time and test prep can get in the way of these opportunities, so they are kept to a minimum.

“We are proud to have a long history providing excellent education to youth in Elkhart County” said Head of School Tim Lehman. “We are excited that this strong foundation can now start in first grade. ”

This year the school added a third grade for the first time, hiring a teacher with an impressive background in Waldorf education, Karin Fast. Fast brings valuable artistic and active learning expertise from her 7 years of experience as a Waldorf teacher of elementary grades. 

“We hire teachers whose teaching philosophies reflect Bethany’s values, who partner with parents to help students thrive in the educational setting and create learning environments in which students are excited to attend school each day”  said Lehman. “We believe that students flourish when teachers have the freedom to plan lessons creatively and are given time to address students’ academic and social needs.”

This year, Fast joined veteran Bethany staff members such as elementary 5th grade teacher Linda Hochstetler and 4th grade teacher Adam Friesen. The two teachers have built a reputation among young families over the past decade, often causing their grades to be fully enrolled.  

“It’s never fun to turn away families due to lack of space in a grade,” said Admissions Director Vanessa Adcock.  “I’m hopeful that adding younger grades will mean families find us even sooner, and we can eventually provide two sections of our elementary grades. I am excited to welcome new families for tours and help them learn how to reserve a seat in grades one to five!”                               

Bethany offers several opportunities for families and students to visit their campus. To view options please visit

Bethany has always prioritized learning that transcends testable measures, and a newly updated vision statement reflects this emphasis. Bethany’s vision calls for developing faith through Christian discipleship, growing learning through holistic education and practicing community by building relationships.

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