For you and your congregation

July 8, 2020

IMMC churches remain open and active during this time of the coronavirus. As a community of congregations, IMMC provides resources to one another.

  • SERMONS- In addition to Dan Miller’s sermon already made available to pastors, there are two sermons from Annual Sessions on the website. Dan is happy to join congregations live via online connection.
  •  COVID-19 resources on the website provide perspective as the US is in the fourth month of the pandemic. Practical resources about working from home or restarting in-person services.
  •  COMING SOON – a resource page for engaging about race and white supremacy.
  •  Leadership Enhancement Team (LET) has updated the job narrative for congregational coaches and invites congregations to take advantage of this opportunity for counsel and perspective. Contact Dan Miller or a member of LET if you have questions.
  • Search guides continue to support pastoral search committees looking for new pastoral leadership for their congregation. If your congregation is entering a pastor change, contact Sharon Yoder.
  •  Area council groupings for prayer support, common projects, mutual learning.

If there is a question and you are not sure where to connect, contact the conference office. Anna, Dan or Sharon can help you think about possibilities.