Credentialing and Leadership Development

June 5, 2020

* Naun Cerrato will be installed and licensed at Piedra Viva Mennonite Church, Elkhart, on June 14.

* Congregational search committees, along with their search guides, have been active with interviewing pastoral applicants, mostly by zoom. A couple of them have moved to “candidate-of-choice” stages and are discerning how to plan for candidating weekends with safe social distancing. 

* Sharon had contact with 16 potential applicants in May. We were grateful to receive several new MLIs (pastoral applications) in the past month.

* In May Sharon had multiple contacts with search guides and/or leadership teams of 6 congregations in various stages of leadership transition.

* We invite your ongoing prayers for God’s light and wisdom to guide leadership teams and search committees in their important discernment work.