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April 14, 2021

* As part of their April 24 meeting, Missional Leadership Team will meet with Annual Sessions planners, to hear more about plans for Annual Sessions.

* Spring is a usual time for the Michigan Pastors and Leaders Summit. Dan Miller and Anna Board often attend. Can this meeting be in person, or will it need to be on Zoom one more time?

* Brenda Meyer, Steve Slagel and Dan Miller attended Constituency Leaders Council, March 12-13 on Zoom. See Steve’s and Brenda’s reflections below in this issue of weLink.

* Chris Kauffman and Dan Miller attended the March 18 Journey board meeting via Zoom. The board noted this was Dan’s last meeting.

* Sharon Yoder and Dan Miller meet regularly via zoom with other conference ministers in Mennonite Church USA. These meetings offer input about issues relevant to conference ministry work and a chance to hear updates from one another.