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August 8, 2017

On July 12, Dan and Doug had a meaningful visit with leaders from Tanzania Mennonite Church (KMT). We discovered some common themes as we talked about vision and renewal. KMT leaders are seeking renewed relationships with several groups that played a role 83 years ago in beginning the Mennonite Church in Tanzania. They extended an invitation for us to visit.

As part of discovering how we live into Renewing a Vision there are several times we look for wisdom from leaders across conference:
August 11-12      Missional Leadership Team meets in a retreat setting
Sept 29-30         All Teams retreat – conference leadership teams meet
Nov 6-8              Pastor Gathering (see below for more details)

Dan Miller will worship with Mara Christian Church of America, Indianapolis on August 20.
Dan will meet with leaders of Valparaiso and Hopewell Mennonite churches on August 21.
Mid-states leaders (Illinois, Ohio, Central District and IMMC) meet August 22.
Several pastors/spouses from IMMC and Central District will attend a Lilly resource event at Oakwood Inn.

What is IMMC? We recently began using this acronym for referring to Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference. It’s been around for a while, and now you will see it with increasing regularity. Adoption of a new vision is maybe a good time to be taking this step, as we hope vision leads to other new changes.