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May 8, 2017

Vanessa is scheduling two 10-15 minute webinars for pastors to review benefits available through the Pastoral Family Assistance Program. We encourage pastors who have not reviewed the updated benefits, and new pastors in the conference, to attend one of these short informative sessions.

Staff will have a face-to-face retreat day on June 1. This will be our last formal face-to-face before staffing changes take place at the end of June.

Mary Mininger met with the CAMFELL pastors for the last time in her staff role on May 2, and received a framed photograph as a token of appreciation. Dan Miller also attended and intends to be present on a regular basis beginning in the fall.

Remember to pray for one another as congregations and delegates discuss Renewing a Vision. Delegates vote on the vision this summer at Annual Sessions. If they affirm the vision, that opens a window from June 2017 to June 2018 for congregations to discern whether they will sign the covenant. This month Dan connected with leaders of the Elkhart churches to present Renewing a Vision; and traveled to Brutus to preach and make a presentation. In the next month he will be at Prairie Street, East Goshen and Benton.

Following the March delegate meetings, Missional Leadership Team (MLT) has released a document “What we heard” and responded to some “Frequently Asked Questions.” Both are available on the vision page on the conference website.

Dan met with mid-states conference ministers for a day of prayer and sharing on May 8 at Friedenswald. There has been significant turnover in some conferences, and we are sorting out how much we will continue working together.

Indiana-Michigan hosted a video conference, to interact with John Powell about the 50 years Mennonites have been in Detroit, and consider lessons learned as we continue feeling drawn to partner there.