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November 11, 2015

This coming weekend is an opportunity to interact with Gilberto Flores about leading from a healthy soul at Amigo Centre. Registration for this event is down significantly this year. There is still time to register!

Missional Leadership Team (MLT) meets this Friday, November 13, for an annual retreat day. MLT is seeking to sharpen and clarify messages about conference, and to lift our sights to think several years into the future.

Planning for the March delegate meetings is underway. We hope to announce dates and locations of two meetings for March 2016. There will be a slight adjustment in the way congregations/delegates are grouped.

The November-December Gospel Evangel should have arrived at your congregation. GE seeks to tell stories of congregations engaged in their communities and being changed by God’s mission. Read what is happening at Howard-Miami Mennonite after hosting Sister Care. Ponder Pastor Phil Waite’s (College Mennonite) encouragement to share our personal faith stories. What story does your congregation have about being changed by mission?

Doug and Dan will leave Wednesday following Thanksgiving for the annual gathering of conference ministers from Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.