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April 12, 2017

This month we completed the third of three delegate meetings. Many thanks to New Hope Community Church of Midland for their warm hospitality. There were 13 delegates representing 9 congregations at the Midland meeting. Added to the 109 delegates and 36 congregations in the other two meetings, that gives a total of 122 delegates representing 45 congregations.

Compilations of the table wisdom sheets gathered at delegate meetings will be posted to the vision page on the website. Missional Leadership Team is working on summaries and responses to frequently asked questions. Webinars in preparation for delegate business sessions are being scheduled. Watch for information, and be sure to register.

Dan appreciated opportunities this month to connect with congregations. He preached at New Hope Community Church of Midland on March 26 and Sunnyside Mennonite on April 9; preached and presented on Renewing a Vision at Holdeman Mennonite on April 2. He will preach May 7 at Maple River Mennonite and May 14 at Prairie Street Mennonite. There are evening presentations scheduled with East Goshen and North Goshen leaders on April 11, and Elkhart congregational leaders on April 27. Dan continues scheduling sermons and Renewing a Vision presentations as his schedule allows.

Shannon Dycus, Paula Killough and Dan Miller attended Constituency Leaders Council in Elkhart, Ind. on March 16-18. Shannon is joining the CLC leadership group.

John Powell participated and Dan Miller attended the Minority Ministries Council Conference at Greencroft in Goshen at the end of March. John was part of MMC. Gilberto Perez, formerly a regional pastor in the central region, was one of the organizers of this gathering. Seferina DeLeon, another former regional pastor, was also present.

Vanessa is scheduling two 10-15 minute webinars in May for pastors to review benefits available through the Pastoral Family Assistance Program. We encourage pastors who have not reviewed the updated benefits, and new pastors in the conference, to attend one of these short informative sessions. Vanessa will send out more information to register for the webinars at a later time.