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December 13, 2016

  • We invite your prayers for several pastors who have experienced significant losses this fall: Frances Ringenberg, whose son died; Mark Schloneger, whose sister died unexpectedly; Jane Stoltzfus Buller, whose mother-in-law died suddenly. You may click here to view the obituary for Ross Ringenberg
  • With help from Laurie Robinson and from pastors, staff is posting a story of a congregation changed by engaging their community. The story is placed on the website and notices posted to Facebook and Twitter. Some of  these stories are then printed in Gospel Evangel. Follow us to learn how other congregations are engaging the world God loves.
  • Doug and Dan met with area/conference ministers from Canada and the United States the week after Thanksgiving, November 30-Dec 3.
  • The two area pastors’ councils in the Southern Region continue to meet together for challenge, change, and encouragement of each other.
    • Camfell in Indianapolis was treated to a Burmese lunch by Ang, from the new Mara congregation at its November meeting!
    • And  this Fall saw the re-organization of the Ft. Wayne area pastors council after several transitions in the past year.
  • Pastors of Michigan congregations are preparing for a unified preaching on Sunday, January 1, 2017.  The focus is preparing congregations for the coming year, given the divisive events that’s happened in 2016. The preaching/teaching will focus on  “God Is Doing A New Thing!” (Isaiah 43:18-19).