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June 9, 2021

* the work of the conference pastor search committee and Missional Leadership Team, and their recommendation that Joanne Gallardo join Sharon Yoder as conference co-minister. 

* the virtual and in-person options for Annual Sessions next week!  

* the Annual Sessions planning team of Anna Board, Wanda Bradford, Jeremiah Chuiha, Shawn Lange, Muthoni Maina, and Izaete Nafziger. THANK YOU! 

* plans to welcome Piedra Viva (Elkhart) as a member congregation during next week’s gathering! 

* the team of people providing simultaneous translation for Annual Ssessions.  

* the work done by conference leadership teams this year. (See leadership teams reports in the report book!)  

* the enthusiasm and gifts Anna Board has contributed to IMMC during the three years she has been part of staff!