January 13, 2021

* Epiphany – the revelation of God’s light in Jesus Christ.

* two Zoom meetings with pastors with the question “What does the church do?” focused around responding to COVID-19 realities.

* energetic conversation in a group of Michigan Pastors and Leaders reading The Post-Black & Post-White Church: Becoming the Beloved Community in a Multi-Ethnic World, by Efrem Smith. This group meets monthly by Zoom.

* the first meeting of Annual Sessions planners in December. This group meets for a second meeting on January 16. Anna Board and Dan Miller are supporting their work.

* Missional Leadership Team’s presentation of Sharon Yoder as one of two co-conference pastors, and the search committee beginning the search for the second person.

* the work of Leadership Enhancement Team (LET). Leadership Enhancement Team  attends to the development of pastors and leaders through support of Journey: A Missional Leadership Development Program, a yearly retreat for pastors, congregational coaches to work with pastors and congregations to cultivate a culture of mission-oriented churches. It supports pastors committed to continuing development through the Framework for Pastoral Growth. LET works closely with Ministry Credentialing Team.