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January 13, 2016

On Sunday, January 10, Shalom Mennonite celebrated 24 years of pastoral ministry with Dagne Assefa, wife, Carol Weaver, and his family; Regional pastor, Mary Mininger, referred to his work with the congregation and IN-MI Conference as “A long Obedience in the Same Direction”! (Eugene Peterson)

There were many meaningful words of deep love and appreciation for Dagne’s empowering, servant leadership and pastoral care. Co-pastor, Brian Bither created a list of the top ten learnings from working beside Dagne:

10) Be Careful with your words.

9) Make Conference a priority.

8) Confidentiality comes first.

7) Appreciate Beauty and Simplicity.

6) Care for people on the margins.

5) Warmth diffuses tension.

4) Let God be the Judge.  (It maintains your sanity.)

3) The small stuff matters.

2) Empowering others to lead……..AND

1) The greatest of these is Love.

Thank you, Dagne, for being the face and feet of the Living Christ in our midst!