A word from MLT

December 9, 2020

Dan Miller, our conference pastor, announced to the Missional Leadership Team (MLT), and then subsequently to the IMMC delegates this past September, of his intention to conclude his role in Summer 2021. Since then, the MLT has reviewed the job description and invited the wisdom of delegates and other leaders via a survey and conversations as we consider our future. We have also sought to assemble a search committee to begin its work in January 2021. Our plan is to offer a more detailed update on the transition next week. But for now, I would like to share personally how I have experienced this process so far.

 Some of you know that I consider myself a “Spirit man” and have joked at times that if I had to pick a favorite aspect of the Triune God that it would be the Holy Spirit. Though the conference pastor search process is far from over, I have been truly amazed at the Holy Spirit’s leading. I am grateful for excellent MLT leaders who desire to be attentive to that leading as we consider the future of IMMC and the make-up of this position. The Spirit has not disappointed me as we have listened to leaders and delegates within our conference, and each other.

 It is not always easy to “know” how or when the Spirit shows up, but I will offer one example. There have been times when an MLT member suggested a good idea. But as the team grappled with complex realities surrounding that good idea, often an even better idea emerged that more fully incorporated or addressed those complexities! 

 There is more that I could share, but for now, this brief glimpse must do. The MLT has one more meeting later this week, and then we expect to share an update with you next week. Please stay tuned.  –Bob Yoder, IMMC Moderator