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Update from Leadership Retreat

February 10, 2016

Conference leaders from most leadership teams gathered at Amigo Centre on January 22 and 23 to discern a new vision for Indiana Michigan conference. This new vision will be presented in draft form at our regional delegate sessions in March and will come to delegates at the Annual Sessions June 16 and 18. Feedback from delegates will be a significant part of our work together at these upcoming events.

As we talked at tables at the retreat, there were many expressions of affirmation for conference charting a new direct and planning a new way forward for congregations and members to be part of this conference body.

One of the most significant parts of our time together was reflecting on the words that most closely describe the conference we want to be a part of. Below is a “WordCloud” that presents those words. The size of the word indicates the importance it held in value for the group.

Conference leaders desire Indiana Michigan Mennonite Conference to be:

Centered on Jesus

Guided by the Holy Spirit

Acting through Grace and Love

In the spirit of Peace