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Thank you for sabbatical! (Day 3)

November 14, 2013

The Missional Leadership Team warned me against filling sabbatical with work, and that was probably a good word. After the intense time in Guatemala, I spent the second half of sabbatical visiting nieces and nephews around the country. My wife and I have 11 nieces and nephews, spread from Pennsylvania to California, and ranging in age from 9 to mid-30’s. (My wife was not able to go along, so I traveled alone.)

As one who finds family systems theory helpful, I think it is often useful to cultivate family connections. My goal was to spend significant time with each one, relating one-on-one more as adults. Activities included a high school football game, visiting places of work, sequoias, local cuisine, books, table games and plenty of ice cream. I have excellent nieces and nephews, and I’m proud to be related to them.

Between trips I did some reading and tried to clean my home office.

Feel free to ask about my sabbatical, I am always glad to talk about it.

Thank you, again, for this wonderful opportunity!