Congregational donations provide most of the support needed to fund conference operations.  Individual support for conference plays an important role in meeting the needs of our congregations as well. Conference donates 10% of the donations we receive from congregations for conference operations to the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board for denominational operations.

Missional Seeds Club: an opportunity for individuals to share in cultivating leadership growth and connections between congregations that inspire discovering and joining in God’s surprises. Proceeds will be used directly in the overall ministry of the conference.

Doing together what we could not do alone: with our faith communities knit together we are able to do what we could do as single congregations and individuals. Committed, caring communities of faith are the basis from which Christ is proclaimed in word and deed. Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference undergirds and connects you and your congregation with others as we center our spiritual development in Jesus Christ.

Contributors receive: Missional Seeds Quarterly Newsletter, recognition in annual report, IMMC Financial Synopsis.

Join the Missional Seeds Club today by downloading this form.

Donations can also be made by check mailed to:

Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference
PO Box 702
Goshen, IN 46527