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Urgent need: service opportunity in Detroit

May 9, 2017

Is your church looking for a service opportunity? Consider working with Mennonite Disaster Service and Community Christian Fellowship (CCF) in Detroit yet this month. As Mennonite Disaster Service closed its flood clean-up project in Detroit, they invited Community Christian Fellowship (CCF) to enter into an extended relationship through August 2017. Rehab projects include CCF church facilities, CCF church members’ homes, and other homes in the community as time and resources allow.
MDS needs volunteers through May 31.
This extended time is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a sister congregation in Detroit. Bishop Wilson writes,

The project is well underway and it seems that the Holy Spirit is working supernaturally.  Several significant repairs have already taken place and more are in progress with more being planned.  This project has created a tremendous sense of brotherhood and mutual aid among the group.  Our congregation has come alive with greater energy and vision.  There is definitely a lad’s lunch among us!

For more information or to schedule, contact Lady J Wilson at or 877-245-6252; or Kevin at 308.380.6482 or Abigail at 308.380.9381.