Building Communities of Hope
The Building Communities of Hope team is a multi-cultural group working among congregations of IN-MI Mennonite Conference to assist in undoing racism and advancing intercultural transformation.

For more information, view the Building Communities of Hope brochure.

If you have questions or would like to take first steps, contact David Araujo, the Building Communities of Hope team representative, at 574-293-8849 or

Christian Formation Resources

During the 2012-2013 year, the Christian Formation Task Group gathered information on faith formation practices used in congregations of IMMC. The list was updated in the Fall of 2018 by Dan Shrock.  These formation practices, centered around scripture, are collected together here for all congregations to draw from. We hope the examples serve as inspiration for new ways to encourage spiritual formation in your own congregation.

2019 Resources for Spiritual Formation

Congregational Coaches

Congregational Coaches serve as a resource, counselor, and consultant to pastors/congregational leaders and are available to the congregation in times of need. The coach is a connection between the congregation and conference and is asked to serve by the Conference Pastor and the Leadership Enhancement Team. Congregational Coaches meet twice per year for resourcing, to discuss best practices and offer mutual support.

Spiritual Direction Resources
General information on spiritual direction:

An ecumenical list of spiritual directors, organized by geographical location:

list of Mennonite Spiritual Directors in the US.

2018 Spiritual Formation Resources. This list of resources to renew our spiritual center were compiled by Dan Schrock of Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship, Goshen, IN.The complete list of resources includes websites (part A), spiritual direction (part B), retreat centers (part E), and more.