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Prayer request for Gordon Dyck

January 13, 2015

Those who have been around conference for awhile will know Gordon Dyck from his many years on Church Life Commission. He has also been overseer for numerous congregations, most recently Hudson Lake Mennonite and Fellowship of Hope. Gordon and his wife Judy have a condo in Estes Park, Colorado, where they have been spending a few months each year in recent years and are now planning to move there in 2015. This fall we received word from him that he has been diagnosed with ALS. Fortunately, the muscle deterioration connected with this has not yet, and hopefully will not, impact his talking, swallowing or breathing. But he does anticipate eventually being in a wheelchair. We invite your prayers for Gordon and his family as they make decisions and adjustments to living with ALS, for which they need patience and inner strength. Gordon can be contacted at or 574-536-5677