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Offering Opportunities at Annual Sessions

June 10, 2015

There will be three opportunities to share financially this year at Annual Sessions. All three of them will take place on Friday, but at different times.

Travel Pool – the normal travel pool offering will take place at the end of Friday morning’s worshipful work session. Those traveling more than 150 miles one way are invited to submit expenses. The rest are invited to contribute $20. Monies received will be prorated among those who submit expenses.

Care and Prevention Fund – growing out the Mennonite Church USA discernment group, the Care and Prevention Fund has three goals:

1)    to recompense, at least in some small measure, the material costs that persons victimized by Yoder or another credentialed leader of Mennonite Church USA undertook on their road to healing;

2)    to provide tangible care for persons who have experienced sexual abuse;

3)    to assist in prevention of sexual abuse.

More about this fund can be found here and here. The Missional Leadership Team has designated $10,000 from the general fund, and we are hoping to significantly increase Indiana-Michigan’s contribution. All monies will be forwarded to Mennonite Church USA before convention so that it can contribute to the overall total there.

This offering will be received during Friday’s late afternoon session.

Annual Sessions expenses – Registration fees do not cover all expenses related to having our annual gathering. We depend on this offering to help cover expenses. Any balance left after paying all expenses helps to defray expenses of future years. This offering will be received during the Friday evening worship service.

Please consider how you can participate in each of these opportunities.