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Mennonite Men

September 12, 2018

Mennonite Men and Camp Friedenswald will provide a retreat for men and boys on Healthy Masculinity: On Being a Man October 12-14. 

Mennonite Men retreat – for men and boys.  What does it mean to be a man? We witness toxic masculinity—men being invulnerable, acting tough, abusing power and dominating others. In this retreat, Healthy Masculinity: On Being a Man at Camp Friedenswald October 12-14, men and boys we will see how masculinity means something much more and better. Based on who we are as beloved sons of God, we will reconsider the marks of good men and explore our part in building God’s peace. The retreat will be led by Steve Thomas, U.S. Coordinator for Mennonite Men, the men’s organization of MC USA. Men may come alone, with a friend, or bring a son, grandson, nephew or mentee. For more information, see the attached retreat flyer or visit