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IMMC Updates

April 8, 2020

What a difference a month makes!

In this time of adaptation and physical distancing, IMMC congregations remain focused on worship, caring for one another, and connecting with the world around us. God continues to be with us in circumstances different than we imagined a month ago. As we move through challenging times over the next while, we will continue to open ourselves to God’s transforming Spirit in prayer and other spiritual practices. We will make ourselves available as agents of grace love and peace to the world God loves. For we are followers of Jesus.
As we find our way through this time, we invite you to:
* check the conference website for helpful resources during this time.
* pray for those who are sick and those who are well.
* if you do not need the COVID stimulus check, consider passing the money to conference, congregation or other service agency to help those who are vulnerable in this time.


Zoom Delegate Meetings

In light of cancelling the final two Regional Meetings, we are asking all delegates to gather over Zoom to explore how we can best support one another as a community of congregations given COVID-19 realities and to discuss the items addressed in the  Regional Meetings Docket (Please review).  Delegates have three opportunities to attend: Thursday, April 9th, 10am, Monday, April 13th, 7pm, Wednesday, April 15, 5pm.


Please RSVP by clicking a link below:

Zoom Meeting 1: April 9th, 10am

Zoom Meeting 2: April 13th, 7pm

Zoom Meeting 3: April 15th, 5pm


If you are not able to participate, we would appreciate it if you would email the office at or 574-534-4006.