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IMMC Staff Updates

September 11, 2019

Beginning September 1, Anna Board began working remotely on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anna is physically in the IMMC office on Mondays and Wednesdays, and can be reached by phone Monday through Thursday by calling 574-534-4006 during office hours. As part of this experiment, Anna hopes to connect with IMMC congregations.

Pastors, plan to attend the Pastor Summit on November 13 at Amigo Centre. All pastors in congregational assignments are invited to attend. Expenses for the day are covered by IMMC. While you are coming, why not come for the whole Pastor Gathering, November 11-13? This event consists of three events held consecutively, to reduce travel:

* Healthy Boundaries, sponsored by Ministry Credentialing Team

* Pastor Retreat, planned by Leadership Enhancement Team

* Pastors Summit, sponsored by Missional Leadership Team.

To reduce registration costs, IMMC is covering a large portion of the costs. Conference leaders hope you can attend! If the cost is still prohibitive, contact Dan Miller, about a scholarship. See the conference website, or click here for more information.

Retiring Pastors. Retirement is a big step. Adjusting one’s role is challenging work, giving the retiring pastor a chance to “clean out their closets” and release a past identity in order to embrace what is emerging. If you have retired in the last three years or are retiring in the next year, consider walking with a group of peers in a confidential facilitated conversation. The group is limited to 8 members and will meet biweekly. Regular attendance and confidentiality are expected. IMMC is helping with the cost.