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IMMC Happenings

August 14, 2019


Beginning September 1, Anna Board will begin working remotely some days. Anna will be physically in the IMMC office space on Mondays and Wednesdays and working remotely on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As we continue to dream about how to live into our vision, we are exploring creative ways to build connections between congregations. Anna hopes this change will allow for opportunities to connect with IMMC congregations.

Beginning August 1, Sharon Yoder’s position as conference pastor for leadership transitions was increased to 0.35 FTE from 0.25. This change will allow for better staff connections. Sharon has kept search and credential processes moving, but staff connections have been sparse. Both Stewardship and Missional Leadership teams approved using some of the overage from last fiscal year to cover this increase.

Plans continue to a Pastor Gathering November 11-13 at Amigo Centre. This event consists of three separate events held consecutively, to reduce travel:
* Healthy Boundaries, sponsored by Ministry Credentialing Team
* Pastor Retreat, planned by Leadership Enhancement Team
* Pastors Summit, sponsored by Missional Leadership Team.
Follow this link for more information and registration:

Retiring Pastors. Retirement is a big step. Adjusting one’s role is challenging work, giving the retiring pastor a chance to “clean out their closets” and release a past identity in order to embrace what is emerging. If you have retired in the last three years or are retiring in the next year, consider walking with a group of peers in a confidential facilitated conversation. The group is limited to 8 members and will meet biweekly. Regular attendance and confidentiality are expected. IMMC is helping with the cost. For more details or to express interest, contact Dan Miller at or 574-534-4006.


We celebrate with Jeremiah Chuiha, pastor at Emmanuel Living Christian Church (Indianapolis) that he has received notice of his visa approval.

We celebrate the four years Paula Killough served on Missional Leadership Team (MLT), especially noting the two years as moderator. Thank you, Paula. And thanks be to God.

We celebrate those who begin new terms of service on conference leadership teams. We hope that as a result of involvement, each one will experience growth in their capacity as a leader and gain greater clarity about the gifts they offer.

We celebrate the international flavor of participants in Journey: Missional Leadership Development. The Weekend Learning Event will be September 6-8. 


July 14 Sharon Yoder was present at Walnut Hill Mennonite (Goshen) to install Jane Miller as interim associate pastor, to serve along with ongoing pastor Ben Bouwman. Dan Miller was present the same day at First Mennonite, Indianapolis, to install Gary Martin as transitional pastor.

As Anna Board changes her work routine, she is interested in learning more about IMMC congregations. Stay tuned for more details.

Sharon and a couple of Missional Leadership Team members attended Wilma Cender’s memorial service at Hopewell Mennonite Church on July 3. The service was a touching celebration of Wilma’s ministry; she will be deeply missed in IMMC.


Sharon Yoder is working with 4 active pastoral searches and with several other congregations that are in various states of transition.

Two years ago, Volunteer Search Guides were trained to offer support to congregations during pastoral searches. Sharon resources the Search Guides as they walk with Search Committees and scheduled a refresher meeting with them for November 19.