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Grieving together

July 10, 2019

Wilma Cender, a member of the Missional Leadership Team, died on June 29, 2019. If you were at Annual Sessions two weeks ago, you might remember that Paula Killough shared an update about Wilma’s situation and had a time of prayer for her. I (Dan), again, invite your prayers for Karl, their children, and all those who loved Wilma.

Wilma was a solid contributor at MLT meetings. She brought spiritual wisdom to our meetings, and prayed for conference. She and her husband have been long-time members at Valparaiso Mennonite Church, and had recently become members at Kern Road Mennonite Church to stay with Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference. She will be missed. (For those who have been around awhile, you might also remember that Karl has also contributed greatly to IMMC life, serving in the early 2000’s as conference treasurer.)

 We claim that God is with us in the celebrations and the pains of this life. I (Dan) believe God was with Wilma as she walked these last few years.

 An obituary is available at