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Conference Updates

October 10, 2018

Entering the Final Month of Sabbatical Time

  • Interim conference pastors, Tim Burkholder and Sharon Yoder, have been busy over the past two months. By now, Tim has met with all of the conference leadership teams and all of the area councils. Sharon has faithfully guided a number of pastoral transitions aided by the helpful work of our Search Guides. Her worked included the ordination of Naomi Yoder at East Goshen Mennonite Church on September 23, 2018. We are encouraged by mutuality that is evident in and among our congregations and their leaders.
  • Our work is coordinated in a wonderful way by Anna Buck, our Administrative Coordinator. By now you will have seen that the directory has been completed and she is presently at work re-doing our website. She was able build her understanding of our conference work by attending the Michigan Summit of pastoral leaders and is excellent as an event coordinator.

Becoming More Volunteer Driven

We observe the Holy Spirit leading the congregations of Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference, perhaps in response to our engagement in “Shared Spiritual Practices,” coming together and living out our mission statement. It is, “We are a community of congregations; centered on Jesus; guided by the Holy Spirit; acting through Grace, Love and peace; engaging the world God loves.” One way it manifests itself is in the way our leadership teams have responded to the reduced staffing levels and stepped up their energy as volunteers to particularly retain strong congregational and pastoral support. Perhaps that is how it should be so we don’t become dependent on professional staff to do the work but rather use them to support our collective work. At any rate, it feels like a good working relationship that will still allow the time to listen to the Spirit as we envision the future of our collective work in the Kingdom of God.