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Credentialing & Leadership Report

September 12, 2017

Thank you to those who agreed to serve as pastoral search guides with search committees. Training has been scheduled for October 24. Almost 20 people will attend. We are grateful for this level of interest and believe they will help us provide solid support for search processes.

The fall pastor gathering consists of three events: a Healthy Boundaries Workshop, a Pastors Retreat and a Pastor Summit. An informational brochure has been sent to pastors, and registration is open.
* Marilyn Rudy-Froese and John Kauffman will lead the healthy boundaries seminar on Monday.
* Leadership Enhancement Team leads the pastor retreat, Monday evening through Tuesday.
* The pastor summit will focus on practical implications for living into Renewing a Vision. All pastors are welcome to all events in this gathering. Early bird prices last until October 7.

Doug Kaufman will install the new pastoral team of Joanne Gallardo, Paula Killough, and Dan Schrock at Berkey Avenue, Goshen, on September 17. Dan is changing roles. Joanne is beginning her new role and Paula is a transitional consultant.

Dan Miller will install Anna Ruth Hershberger at Belmont Neighborhood Fellowship on October 15.